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We connect qualified buyers to verified sellers across the world. Real estate in India can be complicated to begin with and gets more complicated when you include accounting and legal issues associated specifically with Non-Resident Indians(NRI’s). We use a combination of customer-centric agents and technology to get you into the right home, sell your property for more, save your time, and hence money. Our full service team includes attorneys, accounting professionals in India, USA, UK, Australia and many more countries.

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Effective and easy to use technology that gets results

See listings, book meetings, schedule home tours easily and complete the entire process quickly..

Real Estate agents who are on your side

You’ll get a full service Agent who will support you throughout the entire process to get what you want without the sales pressure.

Streamlined Process

Transparent, clear defined processes with no surprises

Move in to your dream home at the right price

Our Agents will inform you immediately, when your perfect home hits the market, and schedule a house tour so that you have more time to make a good decision.

Sell for more than the property next to yours

Work with a dedicated Agent, who will work only with qualified buyers and not waste your time.

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